Exploratory laparotomy

Procedure in Detail

The patient was correctly identified, brought back to the operating room and transferred to the operating table. General anesthesia was administered. The patient was positioned supine. Their abdomen was prepped and draped in sterile fashion. A time out procedure was performed. 

I then made a midline laparotomy incision. The incision was carried down through subcutaneous tissue and the fascia was entered in the midline. The abdomen was then fully explored. The bowel was run from the ligament of Treitz to the terminal ileum. No abnormality was found. The colon was inspected from the cecum to the rectum. No abnormality was found.

The liver was inspected and appeared normal. The gallbladder appeared normal. The spleen was palpated as normal. The anterior surface of the stomach was inspected and appeared normal, NG was confirmed in good position. The lesser sac was entered via the gastrocolic ligament. The posterior aspect of the stomach appeared normal.

The abdomen was irrigated with saline. Hemostasis was obtained. The mildline fascia was then closed with a running #1 loop PDS. The skin was irrigated and closed with staples.